Getintent Privacy policy


This policy explains how our ad serving technology powers our business. In particular, this policy explains the data collected both within our advertising ad server and collected on the websites of our clients. This policy also explains what choices you have regarding the use and sharing of your information.


Getintent runs an online advertising solution that enables us to buy ad space on websites for online advertising. Our clients are businesses engaged in Internet advertising – advertisers, agencies and other technology providers. Our ad serving technology powers this business. When ad space on a website is sold, to an advertiser or agency, the technology fulfills the transaction by delivering the ad to that publisher’s site. Generally, an Internet user’s computer comes into contact with Getintent when a user visits a website whose publisher has a patrnership with Getintent. The ads sent by the Getintent technology are sent from the domain


Getintent is a technology provider for our clients. As a technology provider, we prohibit our clients from sending personally identifiable information to the Getintent technology. Before the Getintent technology delivers an ad, the technology uses information collected from several sources to decide the best ad to display. The information used helps the technology infer the context in which the ad will appear; resulting in a more relevant ad. This section describes the technologies used on our client’s websites to help deliver the most relevant ad to you:

Tracking cookies are being used for several purposes:

When Getintent drops a tracking cookie, it stores the following data points:

This info in anonymous and can in no way be linked to the user’s identity. Next to the data that are been gathered by Getintent through dropping our own cookies, third party data can also be used to optimize our campaigns. These third party data come from third party data providers that live up to current law and industry standards. Getintent cookies will be stored for 1 year after being dropped on a device.


Our technology does not collect any personally identifiable information about you during the ad delivery process. Accordingly, Getintent is unable to provide access or the ability to change information stored by our technology. Our technology uses cookies for ad selection in order to enhance ad effectiveness. Getintent believes that cookies enhance your web experience by limiting the repetitiveness of advertising and increasing the level of relevant ads. Because some users may not want information to be collected by using cookies, we will only drop a cookie on your computer if you have opted-in for this. Currently the market is working on the best way to ask user permission for the dropping of cookies. To opt-out or opt-in please visit the page:

Information sharing policy

All Getintent cookie data are for internal use only, to optimize advertiser campaigns. No user data is being transferred to other parties than Getintent, including the advertisers and agencies we work with. However, Getintent may provide copies of log files to advertisers, clients and certain partners relating to the specific transactions they are a party to. These files contain information that allows clients to analyze the effectiveness and performance of their advertising campaign. Our clients also have the ability to use any or all of the information collected in connection with our services for their own purposes. The information provided to our clients does not contain personally identifiable information about you. In cases where Getintent provides information to our clients, our clients are obligated to use the information they receive in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Getintent may share the information it collects with selected partners, vendors, agents or others who work on our behalf, in order to provide products or services you have requested, or when we have your permission. Getintent may share information about you if Getintent is acquired by or merged with another company. Getintent may also share information in the event that we are asked to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims, or as otherwise permitted by law.


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us: